[ibunka 2006]Oct 10 in Taiwan

  I am very sorrow when I post this artical. Because I have joined some of politic activities, by the way, I have a lot of photos, videos, and musics about the politicking.

  Maybe we have image from the BBC's title "Angry island". Why the people in the island is angry? Because the money politics, or "black gold". Oct 10, the fastival af our country, but we can't feel the bonhomie this year. That night I didn't go home, I slept on the street. So I could tell you what happened that night.

  The masses occupy the street at 11 o'clock, so the police besiege tham and blockaded the street. The masses started to sing the song "Fallen-Red-Flower". The police saw the masses dared to die, so thay choose fall back. And the leader of police persuade and exhort masses go home to rest, but they just shout catchword.

  At 12 o'clock, the leader af masses make a deal with mayor. So we have to let the car can be passed, some of the masses thaught that thay were cheated. So the masses fought each other, I shouted "My best friends, calm down" again and again untill everyone shouted with me in ground. But thay insiste to stay there, they didn't want to concede anymore.

  The police came back at 4 o'clock, but a lot of persons still slept. So I woke up my friends and else near me. Some of masses said that they would insist there untill the police arrested them. When the police hold a shield and walked to them, they actually run to the pathway.

  Could you know why I feel sarrow now? Walk to the Taipei Train Station, what we can see now? How many people will remember that night? How long we could destroy carpetbagger? I have no answer, do you?


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